Hundreds of Film & TV Locations

We've scoured through 25,000+ hours of film and TV content to share with you these forgotten places and moments back in time.


Allowing you to experience the spirit of time travel right from the palm of your hand, SCENEPAST is one of the most detailed and thorough collections of movie and TV show locations to ever be pinpointed.

SCENEPAST takes you back in time. Journey through 800 moments from your favorite movies and TV shows to compare the EXACT locations THEN & NOW. Curious what places once looked liked? Wonder how things have changed over time? Then SCENEPAST is for you!

With a pull of the interactive time machine lever, you can travel back 20, 30, 40, 50, 60+ years to see what existed down the street or just around the corner

Daily Updates

With constant updates to SCENEPAST, you can experience a new time travel adventure daily!

ScenePast Featured on...

Wired, CNET, Mental Floss, Gothamist, LAist, Daily Mail, SFist, Curbed LA,, LA Magazine, YAHOO! & More!

"ScenePast is a fun time travel (and time-sucking) app that puts film and television locations in the palm of your hand"- CNET (2014)