The ScenePast: Movie & TV Time Travel app takes you back in time! Journey through over a 1000 moments from your favorite movies & TV shows to compare the EXACT locations THEN & NOW. Curious what places once looked liked? Wonder how things have changed over time? Then ScenePast is for you!

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KARATE KID (1984 & Today)

ScenePast: Americana Road Trip         

"ScenePast Americana offers a virtual road trip through all 50 states" -Mental Floss.  Share, explore, & compare THEN & NOW over 650 nostalgic postcards celebrating America's most popular landmarks, beloved destinations, forgotten restaurants, memorable motels & quirky roadside attractions.

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The ScenePast: Movie & TV Time Travel app has been featured on WIRED, CNET, Gothamist, Curbed, Mental Floss, The Huffington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Magazine and many more!

ScenePast LLC, 2015

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